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Sudety – the mountains system on the territory of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. It spreads from the Moravian Gate on the south-east to the Elbe Valley on the North-west having the length of about 300 km and the width of 70 km . Within Polish borders Sudety cover the area of 9,3 thousands square km . The highest mountain is Śnieżka in the Giant Mountains (1603 m above sea level). It is famous of its complex geological structure and great variability of landscape. Grounds of this area hide full range of fossil fuels, minerals, rocks and metals, which have been mined here for centuries.

Sudetes became inhabited much earlier then other mountain areas in Europe because of mining and also as a result of wars. Nowadays plenty of visitors are attracted by picturesque landscape, geological miracles like unusual shapes of rocks or caves, by various historic monuments (among others castles located on inaccessible hills) and in winter by slopes well prepared for skiing.

Unfortunately, especially in the western part the scale of degradation of the environment is large, especially when consider the forests. This is the result of industrial pollution, among others gas and dust emission from the industrial areas in Germany and the Czech Republic. Recently however the situation improves. Two national parks, various areas of protected landscape and nature reserves create the precious treasure which is the relatively unspoiled nature of the mountains. Sudety consists of several macroregions: Western Sudety, Middle Sudety, Eastern Sudety and the Foothills.



Błędne Rocks – the unique ensemble of sandstone rocks on the height of 853 m above sea level in the National Park of Stołowe (Table) Mountains in the Middle Sudety, the most important attraction is a natural maze between the rocks.

Szczeliniec Wielki – the highest top of Stołowe (Table) Mountains (919 m above sea level), unique form of rocks and a perfect view point.

Niedźwiedzia (Bear) Cave – the largest and the longest cave in Sudety (the length of all the corridors and chambers is about 3 km, accessible for visitors 400 m), one of the most beautiful in Poland, located by the village Kletno in the Eastern Sudety on the height of 800 m above sea level.

Śnieżnik – the highest mountain in the polish part of Eastern Sudety (1425 m above sea level), there is a shelter on the upper part of the northern slope of the mountain.

The Peat Bog of Zieleniec – the largest peat bog in the polish part of Sudety, has a great value as a unique example of the wild nature, located in Bystrzyckie Mountains in the Middle Sudety 750-770 m above sea level and covers the area of 208,6 ha, the peat is here 3,5 - 8,5 m thick.

Wielka Sowa (the Great Owl) – the highest mountain in Sowie (Owl) Mountains (1015 m above sea level) and one of the best view point in the Middle Sudety, the most important attraction is the view tower built of stones in honour of Otto Bismarck in 1906 and ski routes on the southern and northern slopes.

Książ Castle – the 3rd largest Castle in Poland, often called Pearl of Silesia, located in the picturesque area in the Middle Sudety, its history dates back to the XIII century.

Śnieżka – the highest mountains in the Giant Mountains, all Sudety and also in the Czech Republic (1603 m above sea level), on the summit there is a meteorological observatory, a restaurant and the wooden chapel of St. Laurence from the XVII century.

Śnieżne Kotły – two pleistocen glacier cirques, located in the western part of the Giant Mountains not far from the spring of Elbe River, on the bottom of the cirques between the morains there are three small glacier lakes – their surrounding area is a strict nature reserve within the borders of Karkonoski (Giant Mountains) National Park.

Szrenica – one of the highest mountains in the Giant Mountains (1362 m above sea level), over the town Szklarska Poręba, on the top there is a shelter and interesting natural forms of rocks, on the northern slope the longest and one of the best prepared ski trails.

Kamieńczyk Waterfall – the tallest waterfall in the polish part of Sudety, located on the slope of Szrenica, its height reaches 27 m.

Szklarka Waterfall – the second tallest, but the most picturesque, waterfall in the polish part of the Giant Mountains, is located in the area of Karkonoski National Park, its height is 13,3 m.


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