We offer you tour-leaders services during your trips around Poland and abroad.

We serve groups of:

  • Polish tourists travelling abroad and tourists from abroad during their visit to Poland,
  • children and youth: among others short and longer school trips,
  • adults: tours around a country or region, trips with party for companies or teachers,
  • pilgrims.

Our services are available in the following languages:

  • English,
  • German,
  • Russian,
  • Polish.

We travel with you to and around the following countries (cities, regions):

  • Poland,
  • Great Britain (specialisation),
  • Ireland,
  • Denmark,
  • Czech Republic (specialisation),
  • Benelux,
  • Austria,
  • Germany (specially Dresden, Bautzen, Saxon Switzerland, Berlin, Nürnberg, Leipzig, others),
  • Hungary,
  • Slovakia,
  • Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine,
  • Croatia,
  • others.
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