About the City


City of over 1000-year history, located on picturesque hills on Vltava river. In medieval centuries capital of one of the most powerful states in Europe. Now an European metropolis, capital of Czech Republic and one of the most frequently visited cities in our continent. The most attractive are monuments of all periods of history -the witnesses of Prague glorious past, which have remained untouched by both of world wars. We can see here romanesque temples constructed on the beginning of the history of the bohemian state, gothic churches with their towers visible everywhere in a panoramic view of the city, beautiful baroque garden with gorges views from their terraces, splendid renaissance palaces once owned by the richest citizens, and all those monuments next to another. Except that on the same area there are also the best examples of secession, classicism, cubism and modernism designed by the most famous architects.

What to see during a visit to the Czech capital? This is the most difficult question that often ask visitors. Is it possible to see everything? We can walk all our life and every day discover exceptional places, wonderful views, splendid buildings. Nobody forgets to visit the Prague Castle, one of the largest in the word, that served always as the residence of Bohemian dukes and kings. Everybody must also walk on the Charles Bridge – the most famous gothic bridge ornamented by splendid baroque sculptures and gate towers on the both sides. Old Town Market Square is the heart of the city located in the shadow of the twin towers of the Tyn Church. The square attracts visitors by its unique wonder of technique – 600 years old clock that still is working. We do not need to plan the next visit because in Prague travel becomes destination – we need only to walk.

Prague is not only a historic monument. This is also a vivid large European city, an important cultural centre with hundreds of theatres, museums and galleries. With attractive restaurants and thousands of pubs Prague is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world.



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